March Ministry Update

Just a quick update on what’s been going on in Mazatlan since I got back.

First and foremost, prayers are needed for Jesús. He left at 2 on Monday to go look for job and he has not been heard from since. we checked with the police and they say they don’t have him. Jesús has been drug-free for about two months now. I’m praying that he hasn’t slipped back into the drug habit as well as praying that nothing has happened to him.
when I returned to Mazatlan I purchased six mattresses from donations, which I had received while in the United States, and the youth with a mission base donated three bunk beds, which they were discarding. Unfortunately, they did not come with hardware or crossboards, so I had to take about $100 out of the this month’s budget to complete them. I am now set up to house and help six men desiring to get off the drugs and let God transformed their lives.

The week after I got back was carnival. A lot of the people that we normally have at the Park ministry decided to indulge in the things of the world and the pleasures of carnival. but we still had about 20 faithful people that came every night. As for the remainder of the meals, we took them to people who don’t normally come to the park. some are men(or teenagers) who try to support their families by washing cars curbside near restaurants. Others, because of their mental or emotional status, avoid crowded areas.
Would you consider helping with this months expenses or becoming a monthly supporter?
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Thank you for all your support and prayers


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