Wow, 2016 is coming to a close and a new year is upon us.  I pray everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

So much has happened this year, The first six month I finished my final two semesters of the School of Biblical Studies; taking my understanding of God’s word to a whole new level; during that time my youngest sister, Dolores, succumbed to her illness and passed away.  Less than 48 hours later, her newest grandchild, Aurora Mae, was born.  As I was unable to go home after the school was over, I have yet to see Aurora, and am anxious to meet her next month.

The second half of the year I have been at YWAM Guadalajara, and God has been doing great things here.  Myself and another staff member, Dr. Luke Haney, began working with another minister at a drug/alcohol rehab in Chapala once a week.  Cassie, Luke’s wife, and I(along with their kids) have been continuing an outreach program with the kids in Chapilcote, averaging 20 kids a week.  And, as of a month ago, Luke and I have been leading a bible study at another rehab just up the mountain from us.

This rehab is called “Under the Tree” and is run by a bilingual christian, who asked us to start the study.  The first week Luke and I gave our testimonies, showing the men that we weren’t much different from them, But that Jesus Christ had changed our lives.  Luke’s been leading worship and I’ve bee teaching , with Luke expounding when led.  The next two weeks I taught a condensed overview of the Old Testament, from creation, through the fall, the flood, the exodus, conquest of Canaan, the cycle of the judges, the kings and then through the exile in Babylon.  Showing that man, without a savior, was doomed.

Last week I showed them the Jesus film (because of time limits, it was the shorter, kids version).  We were set up in a basement hallway that had 2 windows, which we covered with towels to make it darker.  At the end a young boy in the film leads through the sinners prayer, and every single man was praying it.  As it was about to end, I bent over my computer, preparing to stop the video.  All of the sudden the men became excited and started to cheering and laughing.  It turns out that, just as the prayer ended, a bird flew from behind the towel covering one of the windows, and out the door.  The best part is that the window wasn’t open.  Some how the bird had gotten behind the towel after we started the film.  I told them that the significance was clear; Jesus said “If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.”  and that if they prayed that prayer with a true heart, they had been set free.

In other news, I started building a library for the purpose of studying the bible.  I put my books on loan, the Haneys donated some of theirs, and a wonderful lady, named Priscilla Greer, from Abundant Life Church, Chapala; who has been a missionary here for decades, starting churches and bible schools, donated three large boxes of books for the study of the scriptures.  In a short time we went from the few books I was able to bring, to a functioning library.20161216_132236  A few other titles I would like to see added are: The Archeological Study Bible, The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, and the Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy, by John Barton Payne.  If anyone wishes to donate one or more of these, or any other Bible study books, please contact me.  you can leave a message here or contact me on

There is much more going on here.  We are still working on the vision to take the gospel to the villages surrounding the lake by canoe and backpack.  In order to do this we need about $10,000 dollars for the canoes and other outdoor equipment, as well as another $15,000 for bibles to distribute.  We also need more staff to lead schools, especially bilingual staff.  I need a bilingual “sidekick” as I just am not picking up the language.

Luke and Cassie’s kids have adopted me as their uncle and I made them each their own walking stick for Christmas. So we got our first photo together.  Yep, I am the leader of a fierce tribe.15726726_10211316148760894_5873061447272183839_n

I have found a ministry that will handle my donations and send out donation receipts to the donors, which means that any donations are now tax-deductible.

Donations can be sent to  Or you can still send them to givesendgo

With in two weeks I need about $1,000 to make a trip to the states as my visa is expired.  While there I need to buy shoes and clothes as I can’t find them in my size here.  I am also hoping to have funds to replace some of the things I had to leave behind in July, when I came here.

However God leads you, Please keep me in your prayer.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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