New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I apologize for this update being so greatly over due.  Things have been very hectic here as the campus is intended to have a staff of about 25 and, right now, it is being staffed by 7.

When God told me that he was sending me back to YWAM Guadalajara to restore it to the missionary training school that he intended for it to be, I knew that it would be a challenge for me.  Fortunately, God sent me back-up.  Since coming on staff here I’ve been joined by Dr. Luke Haney and his family.  Luke is 36 and brought his family here in April to attend the Discipleship Training school; and God has led him to stay.  Luke is a fellow ordained minister and an Optometrist from Armadillo Texas.  His wife Cassie is also a Bible Collage graduate.  They have five wonderful kids ranging from 10-2 and, we were informed a few days ago, are expecting another one in April.  God also sent Eli, a bubbly 25 year old who did her DTS in England.  Eli is from Mexico City and speaks English .  Eli also has collage training in marketing.  Eli has been such a blessing.  Even though kid’s ministry is not her gift, nor passion, she has selflessly been there to translate so I can minister and share the good news of Jesus.  None of us are afraid of saying what God has put on our hearts, which is something they’re not used to here.

So, what have we been up to?  Aside from a lot of yard work, we have been trying to get this to resemble a collage campus instead of a conference center and spiritual retreat.

The campus has a well, which had dried up years ago, making it necessary to have water trucked in, which is quite expensive.  Because of this, the fountain (pictured above) was not run and, over time, the pump rusted together.  There was also a withered and dead tree which had been standing for so long that it didn’t even have bark on it any more.  I felt that both the well drying up, and the withered tree, were symbolic of a people that had quit following God and were not producing fruit.  Luke spent hours repairing the fountain and I purchased small swimming pool filter.  The fountain is running and I clean it every day to insure that we don’t have to empty it and change the water every week.  Luke also figured out the controls for the well.  The well, which they were told was empty and would cost $200,000 (U.S. Dollars) to redrill, is now pumping about 2,500 liters of water a day.   And, today, Luke and I removed the dead tree.

Lumberjack Luke

Luke, Eli and I (Mostly Luke and Eli)  have also been busy updating the website, which hadn’t been touched since 2012.

We’ve also begun a library.  I’ve donated most of my bibles, bible dictionaries, bible encyclopedias, books on spiritual growth, healing and prophetic ministries.  Luke’s family also donated many of their books.  The problem is, all of mine and most of Luke’s books are in English.  We desperately need books in Spanish in the fore-mentioned categories.  We pray for students to come here on fire for God and we need fuel to keep the fire going.

On the ministry side, shortly after arriving I got to help with the King’s Kids program, a 2 week mini-DTS for 8-18 year olds.  I’ve also been working with about 25 kids in the remote village of Chapilcote each week.   I’ve Began working with the youth group at Abundant Life Church in Chapala, and recently, Luke and I have begun working with the men at a local drug and alcohol rehab. Cassie is in the process of contacting the local orphanages to see how we can serve them.  Our goal is to establish several relationships and active ministries in the area to give future students, and staff, opportunity to serve and minister while here.

I have, using items found here, compiled a system with which we can show videos, like the Jesus film, anywhere, even if there is no power.  Luke has also made arrangements so we will be getting a backpack version of this so that, wherever we can get to, we can show gospel films.

School-wise, God has given us several Ideas.  This weekend we will begin working with the young, mostly teenage, leaders of King’s Kids.  We plan on having a duel-focus spring DTS; Youth Ministry and Worship.  The students interested in Youth Ministry will work with the King’s Kids and those interested worship  will learn to use their talents and passions to impact people around them for Christ.

Next fall we want to begin an Endurance style DTS.  This is a DTS which will have the core lessons, but focus on outdoor skills, including backpacking, bicycling and canoeing(imagine me wanting to do that).  YWAM Guadalajara overlooks the largest lake in Mexico.  many of the villages around the lake are remote and know nothing about God other than what the diluted version of the Catholic Church here teaches them.  Our vision is to canoe around the lake, reaching the lakeside villages with the gospel, then backpacking to the mountain villages surrounding the lake. To get an idea of an EDTS visit (yes, it’s YWAM Montana, I’m kind of partial to them)

In order to do this we will need to acquire about 8 canoes, camping gear and bicycles for what I am trusting God for in our first class.

As always, I need your help.  Because I serve God and not a denomination, it’s difficult to raise support.  Denominational missionaries usually take a year long furlough or sabbatical every three years and spend it going from church to church, raising support.  Most are also required to have a substantial savings account and several thousands of dollars in monthly support.  I’m looking for 30 people, churches or groups that will commit to $25.00 a month.  Of course any gift, whether it’s a one time  $10.00 or $100.00+ is greatly appreciated.  At the present time I accept donations through givesendgo, which is a fundraising engine started by YWAMers, who charge nothing.  The only thing that comes out is the 3% required by law, for the finance company to transfer it to my account.  Donations can be made at

Whether God leads you to donate or not, please, keep myself, and the entire campus, in your prayers.  Pray for Spiritual breakthrough, for God’s heart and God’s ways to be the only one taught and lived here.  Pray for financial provisions; not just for me and the campus, but for everyone here, and everyone wanting to come here either to staff or for school.  That God would bring us the right staff and lead us to find them.  Pray for those around the world teaching and preaching truth.  Pray for those seeking God’s will and direction.

Thank You and God Bless.

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I will attempt to post updates more often so it doesn’t get so long.