March Ministry Update

Just a quick update on what’s been going on in Mazatlan since I got back.

First and foremost, prayers are needed for Jesús. He left at 2 on Monday to go look for job and he has not been heard from since. we checked with the police and they say they don’t have him. Jesús has been drug-free for about two months now. I’m praying that he hasn’t slipped back into the drug habit as well as praying that nothing has happened to him.
when I returned to Mazatlan I purchased six mattresses from donations, which I had received while in the United States, and the youth with a mission base donated three bunk beds, which they were discarding. Unfortunately, they did not come with hardware or crossboards, so I had to take about $100 out of the this month’s budget to complete them. I am now set up to house and help six men desiring to get off the drugs and let God transformed their lives.

The week after I got back was carnival. A lot of the people that we normally have at the Park ministry decided to indulge in the things of the world and the pleasures of carnival. but we still had about 20 faithful people that came every night. As for the remainder of the meals, we took them to people who don’t normally come to the park. some are men(or teenagers) who try to support their families by washing cars curbside near restaurants. Others, because of their mental or emotional status, avoid crowded areas.
Would you consider helping with this months expenses or becoming a monthly supporter?
Donations can be made through

Thank you for all your support and prayers


Praises and Prayer Request

I can not believe how long it’s been since I actually sat down and wrote a full update.

First and foremost, I have a personal praise report.  As many of my friends know, I have suffered from ADHD which, at times, has been debilitating.  It had been getting worse and worse, to the point that many times, in mid-conversation, I would completely forget what I was saying.  I think this happens to everyone once in a while, but it was becoming an every-other conversation thing.  a week ago(Nov. 18th) I was making cookies, which I do every week(I’ll talk more on that later), and I had to start recounting the flour 5 or 6 times.  I mentioned this to a fellow BSN student, who had received the gift of healing a couple of weeks earlier, and he asked if he could pray for me.  Afterward, I went to my room and laid down to rest.  For three hours I laid on my bed, wide awake and my brain tingling.  It was like when your arm goes to sleep and tingles as it begins to get blood again.  Since that time my head has been clearer than I remember it ever being; it’s not cluttered with multiple thoughts at a time, and I’m able to concentrate like never before.  God has completely healed me in that aspect.

There are many other things going on right now.  I’m in the final few weeks of the Bible School for the Nations lecture phase.  Mid-December we begin the outreach phase, starting with Cross Cultural Training here in Mazatlan, then, after a short break for Christmas break we will be traveling to a total of 4 locations, teaching the bible to indigenous groups, one of which has only had a bible in their language for 1 year.

While the outreach phase is not a requirement to graduate the school, if I am to be one of the leaders of the school next year, I will have to be on this outreach in order to lead one next year.  The cost of the two month outreach is $2,200.00,– $1,000 of which I need by this coming Friday (December 1st.) At present, I have $25.00 toward that goal

There are two ways you can make a tax-deductible donation: through my fundraising engine at OR by sending to YWAM Mazatlan direct through PayPal to


In other news, After outreach (or January 1st if I don’t raise the funds for outreach) I will be homeless.  Since coming to YWAM Mazatlan I have been living in a house the base rents and houses 13 male staff in.  They have come to the decision to discontinue housing us here and, as of the first of the year, we have to find our own living accommodations.  As we are in a collage area of Mazatlan(I can think of 5 collages withing a 5 min. walking distance) apartments are hard to come by.  I was told about one this morning, but discovered that is $600.00 US dollars a month.  While I’m not apposed to having a roommate, I’m old, cranky and set in my ways.  To be honest, it’s been difficult the last few months.  As you might be able to imagine, 13 men from different generations(I’m 56 and the next oldest is 41 the others are in their early 20’s), different cultures, different views on cleanliness, privacy and courtesy…  I want to be in a position to where I can have a roommate, but not dependent on having one.

I am always open about my finances but, if you are unaware of my situation, I have a small $445.00 a month retirement and two wonderful couples who have generously committed to supporting me at $50.00 a month each.  This gives me the minimum that YWAM Mazatlan requires for me to be on staff here.  whenever I need more, God provides, usually through one or two of you.

This coming month my retirement will be used to: (1) renew my passport, which expires in 2 months. (2) get to to a border town, either Tijuana or Nuevo Laredo, where I can walk across, spent a night or two in the U.S. and then return to renew my visa.(Unless someone wants to pay for a round trip home to visit family over Christmas)

Anyway, some have asked what I do to help support myself other than ask for money.                 As I mentioned above, almost every week I make cookies; 6 dozen large cookies and 3-half sheets of brownies (about 60) to be exact, and sell to the staff and students at $10 Pecos each.  In theory,  after cost, I should make about $35.00 a week.  However, I’ve never gotten to the point of knowing, as I often end up giving several to staff kids, visiting kids, homeless people or putting the money into a collection for someone else’s expenses(school, outreach, medical…)

Once I have an apartment I want to get a massage table and massage chair.  While I cannot start a business and charge, I can give massages on a donation basis. Unfortunately,  unlike the U.S. where I would make $35.00 for a massage in the 1980, here they go for about $15.00.

I would also be able to use it as a ministry as there are several poor and homeless people that we work with who could benefit greatly from it.

That’s what’s going on right now.  Please keep me and the needs here in your prayers.

Ask God if he wants you to partner with me financially, whether it’s a $25.00 one time gift or a monthly donation.

Thank you, and God Bless.







First, I apologize that this update is so late in getting out.  My last update was in May, as I prepared to enter the U.S.A. to renew my visa.  In that update I expressed my desire to purchase equipment for portable Christian film ministry.  Some of you came through in a big way.  Where I was having a backpack full with projector, computer, wires and cords I am now able to put all the equipment AND 10 bibles in the same backpack.  I also had enough to purchase ten Bible Study Reference book for my library, which I make accessible to anyone wanting to study the bible in-depth.

As the screen I made had only been used in a dark room, I discovered last week that it was not suitable for use in an open area.  I found some black out material and a seamstress to make a new one. Total cost: $18.00.

For those who did not know, I have changed YWAM campuses.  I am no longer with YWAM Guadalajara, but have moved to YWAM Mazatlan.  While I had visions of many things, which I believe God wanted done there, change cannot come as long as the administration is satisfied with where they are, both scholastically and spiritually.

While YWAM Guadalajara had two Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) in the last three years, with a total of 8 students,  here at YWAM Mazatlan there is a DTS every semester, with around 15 students in each one.  There is currently one DTS in lecture phase, and one on their 2 month outreach.  They also currently have a Biblical Worldview School in session and, in a week and a half, will begin the Bible School of the Nations course.

Each Thursday is ministry day, where every staff and student goes out on different ministry activities.  So far I’ve counted 8 different opportunities.  The one I have chosen is a kids ministry in a drug infested area directly behind our campus.  Last week we began a film ministry, similar to what I had going in Chalpicote.

There are two drawbacks of being in Mazatlan.  One is the heat & humidity this time of year.  One day it was 100 degrees (F) with 76% humidity.  I’ve been assured that it is only like this a couple of months of the year.  The other drawback is the cost.  Moving from a retirement area to a tourist area, I knew it cost more and had estimated that I would need $80.00 more a month.  As it turned out, my staff fees alone are $70 more each month.  Health insurance is also required here and I’ve signed up for Christian Healthcare Ministries at a cost of $45.00 per month.

As you may know, I really don’t like asking for money but, as you may have read in my blog, Things No One Likes To Talk About, I am in a new season, needing to rely on friends and family for support.  As it is, with my pension of $445.00 a month,and the two dedicated monthly supporters I have, I am at the bare minimum of $500.00 a month which YWAM Mazatlan requires it staff to have.  The goal amount is $800.00 per month.  This is to insure that staff have funds to leave the county for visa renewal every 6 months, set funds aside for leading outreach etc.

My fundraising engine is Acacia Ministries International which is a Christian 501c3  organization.  This means you can get a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year.

As always I ask that you pray.  Pray for me, pray for each and every person I have a chance to encounter, whether telling about Jesus, teaching or mentoring.  Pray about my finances and know that, if you are led to donate, the funds will go to spreading the word of God.

I thank each and every one for your daily prayers and any donation you make, either one time or monthly.

God Bless.

In His service,





Things No One Likes To talk About

Things No One Likes To talk About

I can’t believe it’s been three months since my last blog.  In February I wrote about the “Circle of Silence”, and have continued fighting the spiritual battle.  As my friend and YWAM missionary colleague, Dr. Luke puts it, “Three steps forward, two steps back.”; and, about the time we think we’re gaining ground, a boulder rolls over us and knocks us back to the bottom of the hill.


I am still working with the rehab center above our campus, leading the young men through “The Truth Project”.  I have translated both the leader’s Guide and participant handouts into Spanish using Google translate.  Dr. Luke has been proofreading them to ensure that the translations are comprehensible, as some things don’t really translate into ideas that are understood; i.e., there is no concept of “Thinking outside of the box” here.  I have also transcribed and translated a video called “El-Zabbaleen” in order to add subtitles in Spanish.

I am no longer doing the children’s ministry in Chalpicote, as our director feels that, since there is no concept of Children’s Church in the bible, the children should be in with the adults.  We have, however, been doing more outreach in the village and, I have been going to Mezcala when I get a chance; working with another ministry that is helping a newly planted church.

Now, about the title.  If you’ve known me for any length of time, or if you’ve read No Mere Coincidences, a journey of faith“, you know that one thing I don’t like to talk about is money, unless it is to give glory to God for his abundant blessing.  I have lived on faith for nearly ten years now and rarely had to ask for help.  On both my walking journey and my bicycle journey I relied on God speaking to the people He put in my path.  Without ever asking for anything but water and a place to set my tent, people would give me love gifts; food, clothing, and cash.  Pastors would talk to me for a few minutes, and ask me to speak in the service, after which they would take a love offering for me.

I don’t like asking for money, but I’m in a new season now.  Only once, since I’ve been in Mexico, has someone randomly come up to me and said ‘Here, I feel like God wants me to give you this.’   At times I have posted a link on Facebook where donations could be sent, praying that God would speak to people’s hearts to make a donation. That rarely worked.

As an independent minister and YWAM missionary, I have to raise funds, not only for myself, but also to execute the visions of ministry God has given me.

With that in mind, I would like to share with you, my financial situation and what God has laid on my heart, as well as a link to “Gleanings from the Field” blog entitled, “Where do missionaries get their money”

First, my income.  I have a small ($400.00) a month pension.  I have one friend who has committed to sending $50.00 per month and about 3 friends who, when they can, send between $25-$100.  In all, this year, I have received just under $700.00 in donations.  Just before the end of last year, I received a very generous donation which paid for my travel expenses back to the U.S. in January, which, until I have money for a missionary visa, I have to do every 6 months.

Second, monthly my expenses.  My staff, or association fees at YWAM Guadalajara take half of my pension.  Of course, tithes and offerings.  My phone is quite reasonable at $10-$15 a month(depending on how much internet I use).  Each month I have been spending anywhere between $100-$150 on things to either improve the campus or help with ministry.  Examples of this are: to date I have bought 6 waffle makers and make everyone waffles for breakfast once a month(cooking is one way I show love).  Some other items are “The Truth Project” in Spanish, Speakers and microphones to use when showing videos such as the Jesus Film, Children’s ministry videos, The Truth Project, etc.,   A pool filter for keeping the fountains clean, Pots, pans, mixing bowl, toaster, mixer and utensils for the staff dorm, equipment for the Gym to improve fitness…  Each time I go for children’s outreach I go through around 300 balloons and 5-10 pounds of candy.  This month I purchased a BBQ grill for the staff dorm.  As we are often on our own for dinner,(which often means leftover beans, rice and tortilla’s), I try to keep some food in the dorm kitchen.  Also, about twice a month I go to eat with others from church, spending about $5-$6 each time.  Bus and taxi fees; I don’t own any vehicles so I usually take a bus when I go to church or into town.  That’s $1-$2 round trip.  If I have more than I carry, I have to take a taxi at $5.00 one way.

Other expenses: As I stated above, in order to renew my visa, I have to leave the country every 6 months.  Next month I will probably find the cheapest way to Texas and find a church that will let me set my small tent up for a couple of days.  As I am 6′ tall, muscular and overweight, I can’t find clothes here(apparently, everyone with my waist size is about 5′ 9″).  With size 13W feet, I can’t even buy socks here, let alone shoes. With the terrain here, 2 pairs of shoes last about 6 months.  I also go through a pair of work pants in about 6 months.  In other words, while in Texas I will have to buy socks, underwear, T-shirts, pants and shoes.

The Vision:  As I shared in a previous blog, God has given me a vision of taking the gospel, both around Lake Chapala and into remote areas.  I am in the process of organizing an Endurance Discipleship Training School which will focus on outdoor ministry.  The Outreach phase would include taking the gospel by canoe around the lake and to hard to reach areas by backpack.  To do this I need to raise around $15,000 in equipment or money to purchase the equipment.  I am also trying to put together a reliable, portable, self-contained media kit for showing such things as the Jesus Film anywhere, even if there’s no power.  The multi-media projector I’ve been looking at is in the price range of $500.00.

As you can see, there is always a need in ministry.  I have never heard a missionary say ‘We’ve gotten so many donations that we don’t know where to spend it.’  So I am asking you, Please, pray for all the missionaries you know.  If God leads you to sponsor me or another one, monthly or a one-time donation, do it!  One of Satan’s biggest tricks it to make you wonder if that missionary really needs it.  I almost guarantee that the answer is YES! DONATE NOW

As always, thank you for your prayers.  I may never know how many trials I overcome because of friends praying.  I love you all!

In His Service,

Dennis Mixer

The Circle of Silence

The Circle of Silence

I have been postponing this update blog for three weeks, one week at a time.  The reason: I wanted to announce that we had baptized ten of the young men from “Under the Tree” drug/alcohol rehab, where I lead a bible study.

Sadly, this never happened.  Here’s how it came about; February 2nd, at the end of the Bible study, one of the young men asked about baptism, and expressed a desire to be baptized.  I briefly explained about how and why baptism is done in most Protestant churches and 8 of the young men wanted to be baptized.  I told them I would give a baptism class the following week and make arrangements to baptize them in the fountain on our campus.

The following week I gave the class, making sure that the men understood that it was not their salvation, but a public declaration of their faith, their death to themselves, burial and resurrection in Christ.  Now, not 8, but 10 of the young men wanted to be baptized.  I asked the Ricardo, the director of Under the Tree, if he could have a list of anyone wanting baptism by Sunday so I could print the Certificates for baptisms the following Thursday.

When I went to pick the list up on Sunday, I was told that the facilities legal advisor had recommended that they obtained the permission of the young men’s parents, as they had been signed in by parents and, in effect, the parents had power of attorney over them.   So, Arrangements were made to meet with the parents the following Sunday, when they had visitation.  Sunday arrived and Ricardo and myself went from family to family, explaining what the baptism consisted of and that it was a baptism into Jesus Christ, not any denomination; just that, as young men and adults, they understood that Jesus was Lord and they were publicly announcing their faith in Him and commitment to follow Him.  Virtually every family said no; though two did take a few days to think about it.  Needless to say, the men, and I were heartbroken.

By now you may be wondering “What does this have to do with a circle of silence?  What is a circle of silence?”

Here at YWAM Guadalajara, we are in what is called “The Circle of Silence”.  This is a circle of 115 counties that are resistant to the truth of the Word of God, clinging to a Catholic religion diluted with Aztec beliefs and corruption.  While Mexico, on average, is 8% evangelical Christian, inside the circle there is 1% or less evangelicals.  Compare this to the nation of Nepal, bordered by China and India.  Until 2016 Nepal considered itself to be a Hindu nation with the national motto being “To be Nepali is to be Hindu”.  This nation is reported to have 1.5% Evangelical Christians.(Christian Post-March 3 2016)

Mexico compared to Central America

The corrupt church here has the people believing that if they stray from the Catholic church they are doomed for hell.

To give some examples of what we are up against here, In Chapala, on the water front, is a giant statue of the “Virgin of Guadalupe” which they treat as a shrine, praying to her, lighting candles and leaving gifts.  They have a duplicate, smaller version of the statue, which they take on a pilgrimage by boat, across the lake, to a village that is named after the  “Ascension of Mary” as they believe Mary was a Deity, ascended like Jesus did and is a major part of their salvation.

“The Virgin of Guadalupe”

Two miles to the other side of us, in Ixtlahuacan, the town wins an award each year for the tallest skeleton (30.7 meters or 100 feet) on the day of the dead.  The Day of the Dead is on November 1st and it is believed that the Vail between our world and the afterlife is so thin that you can communicate with the dead.  On this day they pack a picnic lunch and go to the cemetery to share lunch with dead relatives.

Isn’t she pretty


What about the corruption in the church here?  Yesterday, I went to another rehab, where Gary, a pastor from the baptist church, teaches and Luke does worship.  Gary was giving a lesson on salvation and asked how you can be sure of your salvation.  One of the men there said ‘That’s easy, just give money to the priest and he’ll get God to forgive you’  he went on to say that it didn’t matter what you did; rob someone or kill them, as long as you gave money to the priest you get to heaven.  In another example, they have celebrations here for different saints just about every other week.  People from the catholic church parade through town collecting money for fireworks and such.  One lady told us that, if they don’t give, they can expect some sort of vandalism over night.

Most people here don’t own bibles and those that do are discouraged from reading it too much because, If they aren’t trained, it will just confuse them.  Luke told me that, often, if you try to give them a bible they will ask if it’s a catholic bible, and refuse to take it if it isn’t, not knowing that the only difference is that a catholic bible has the Apocrypha(a few books that Jewish and protestant scholars recognize as historical but not inspired by God)

S0, as you can see, to have 50% of the young men in the rehab center accept Christ and want to be baptized is a big step.  To bring the gospel to the people in this are is a big job.  Why do we do it?  Because, when Jesus said to go to all nations, making disciples and baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, He knew about the Circle of Silence, and he didn’t exclude it.

Thanks to donations received by Luke, we picked up 500 bibles today.  Not coincidentally, I had a vision this morning during devotions.  In the vision I saw a map of the Circle of Silence and, (Showing my age a little) it was like the beginning of the T.V. show Bonanza, where it shows a map of the Ponderosa and a little smoke appears, then a little flame comes through burning a bigger and bigger hole.  I believe God is saying that he will start a fire in the circle and his word will be heard here.

As always, as I live primarily on donations from faithful Christ followers, I am asking for your help.  Right now, my small retirement and donations allow me to stay here, but there is so much God has given me vision for.  $10,000 is needed to equip the Endurance Discipleship Training School that God has given me vision to lead this fall.  That is the cost of 7 canoes and equipment for 10 students and 4 staff to take the gospel around the lake.  We would like to purchase a total of 10,000 bibles at the cost of $30 Pecos ($1.50U.S) each.  All donations through the link below are tax deductible.


The Past, Present and Future

The Past, Present and Future

Wow, 2016 is coming to a close and a new year is upon us.  I pray everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

So much has happened this year, The first six month I finished my final two semesters of the School of Biblical Studies; taking my understanding of God’s word to a whole new level; during that time my youngest sister, Dolores, succumbed to her illness and passed away.  Less than 48 hours later, her newest grandchild, Aurora Mae, was born.  As I was unable to go home after the school was over, I have yet to see Aurora, and am anxious to meet her next month.

The second half of the year I have been at YWAM Guadalajara, and God has been doing great things here.  Myself and another staff member, Dr. Luke Haney, began working with another minister at a drug/alcohol rehab in Chapala once a week.  Cassie, Luke’s wife, and I(along with their kids) have been continuing an outreach program with the kids in Chapilcote, averaging 20 kids a week.  And, as of a month ago, Luke and I have been leading a bible study at another rehab just up the mountain from us.

This rehab is called “Under the Tree” and is run by a bilingual christian, who asked us to start the study.  The first week Luke and I gave our testimonies, showing the men that we weren’t much different from them, But that Jesus Christ had changed our lives.  Luke’s been leading worship and I’ve bee teaching , with Luke expounding when led.  The next two weeks I taught a condensed overview of the Old Testament, from creation, through the fall, the flood, the exodus, conquest of Canaan, the cycle of the judges, the kings and then through the exile in Babylon.  Showing that man, without a savior, was doomed.

Last week I showed them the Jesus film (because of time limits, it was the shorter, kids version).  We were set up in a basement hallway that had 2 windows, which we covered with towels to make it darker.  At the end a young boy in the film leads through the sinners prayer, and every single man was praying it.  As it was about to end, I bent over my computer, preparing to stop the video.  All of the sudden the men became excited and started to cheering and laughing.  It turns out that, just as the prayer ended, a bird flew from behind the towel covering one of the windows, and out the door.  The best part is that the window wasn’t open.  Some how the bird had gotten behind the towel after we started the film.  I told them that the significance was clear; Jesus said “If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.”  and that if they prayed that prayer with a true heart, they had been set free.

In other news, I started building a library for the purpose of studying the bible.  I put my books on loan, the Haneys donated some of theirs, and a wonderful lady, named Priscilla Greer, from Abundant Life Church, Chapala; who has been a missionary here for decades, starting churches and bible schools, donated three large boxes of books for the study of the scriptures.  In a short time we went from the few books I was able to bring, to a functioning library.20161216_132236  A few other titles I would like to see added are: The Archeological Study Bible, The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, and the Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy, by John Barton Payne.  If anyone wishes to donate one or more of these, or any other Bible study books, please contact me.  you can leave a message here or contact me on

There is much more going on here.  We are still working on the vision to take the gospel to the villages surrounding the lake by canoe and backpack.  In order to do this we need about $10,000 dollars for the canoes and other outdoor equipment, as well as another $15,000 for bibles to distribute.  We also need more staff to lead schools, especially bilingual staff.  I need a bilingual “sidekick” as I just am not picking up the language.

Luke and Cassie’s kids have adopted me as their uncle and I made them each their own walking stick for Christmas. So we got our first photo together.  Yep, I am the leader of a fierce tribe.15726726_10211316148760894_5873061447272183839_n

I have found a ministry that will handle my donations and send out donation receipts to the donors, which means that any donations are now tax-deductible.

Donations can be sent to  Or you can still send them to givesendgo

With in two weeks I need about $1,000 to make a trip to the states as my visa is expired.  While there I need to buy shoes and clothes as I can’t find them in my size here.  I am also hoping to have funds to replace some of the things I had to leave behind in July, when I came here.

However God leads you, Please keep me in your prayer.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I apologize for this update being so greatly over due.  Things have been very hectic here as the campus is intended to have a staff of about 25 and, right now, it is being staffed by 7.

When God told me that he was sending me back to YWAM Guadalajara to restore it to the missionary training school that he intended for it to be, I knew that it would be a challenge for me.  Fortunately, God sent me back-up.  Since coming on staff here I’ve been joined by Dr. Luke Haney and his family.  Luke is 36 and brought his family here in April to attend the Discipleship Training school; and God has led him to stay.  Luke is a fellow ordained minister and an Optometrist from Armadillo Texas.  His wife Cassie is also a Bible Collage graduate.  They have five wonderful kids ranging from 10-2 and, we were informed a few days ago, are expecting another one in April.  God also sent Eli, a bubbly 25 year old who did her DTS in England.  Eli is from Mexico City and speaks English .  Eli also has collage training in marketing.  Eli has been such a blessing.  Even though kid’s ministry is not her gift, nor passion, she has selflessly been there to translate so I can minister and share the good news of Jesus.  None of us are afraid of saying what God has put on our hearts, which is something they’re not used to here.

So, what have we been up to?  Aside from a lot of yard work, we have been trying to get this to resemble a collage campus instead of a conference center and spiritual retreat.

The campus has a well, which had dried up years ago, making it necessary to have water trucked in, which is quite expensive.  Because of this, the fountain (pictured above) was not run and, over time, the pump rusted together.  There was also a withered and dead tree which had been standing for so long that it didn’t even have bark on it any more.  I felt that both the well drying up, and the withered tree, were symbolic of a people that had quit following God and were not producing fruit.  Luke spent hours repairing the fountain and I purchased small swimming pool filter.  The fountain is running and I clean it every day to insure that we don’t have to empty it and change the water every week.  Luke also figured out the controls for the well.  The well, which they were told was empty and would cost $200,000 (U.S. Dollars) to redrill, is now pumping about 2,500 liters of water a day.   And, today, Luke and I removed the dead tree.

Lumberjack Luke

Luke, Eli and I (Mostly Luke and Eli)  have also been busy updating the website, which hadn’t been touched since 2012.

We’ve also begun a library.  I’ve donated most of my bibles, bible dictionaries, bible encyclopedias, books on spiritual growth, healing and prophetic ministries.  Luke’s family also donated many of their books.  The problem is, all of mine and most of Luke’s books are in English.  We desperately need books in Spanish in the fore-mentioned categories.  We pray for students to come here on fire for God and we need fuel to keep the fire going.

On the ministry side, shortly after arriving I got to help with the King’s Kids program, a 2 week mini-DTS for 8-18 year olds.  I’ve also been working with about 25 kids in the remote village of Chapilcote each week.   I’ve Began working with the youth group at Abundant Life Church in Chapala, and recently, Luke and I have begun working with the men at a local drug and alcohol rehab. Cassie is in the process of contacting the local orphanages to see how we can serve them.  Our goal is to establish several relationships and active ministries in the area to give future students, and staff, opportunity to serve and minister while here.

I have, using items found here, compiled a system with which we can show videos, like the Jesus film, anywhere, even if there is no power.  Luke has also made arrangements so we will be getting a backpack version of this so that, wherever we can get to, we can show gospel films.

School-wise, God has given us several Ideas.  This weekend we will begin working with the young, mostly teenage, leaders of King’s Kids.  We plan on having a duel-focus spring DTS; Youth Ministry and Worship.  The students interested in Youth Ministry will work with the King’s Kids and those interested worship  will learn to use their talents and passions to impact people around them for Christ.

Next fall we want to begin an Endurance style DTS.  This is a DTS which will have the core lessons, but focus on outdoor skills, including backpacking, bicycling and canoeing(imagine me wanting to do that).  YWAM Guadalajara overlooks the largest lake in Mexico.  many of the villages around the lake are remote and know nothing about God other than what the diluted version of the Catholic Church here teaches them.  Our vision is to canoe around the lake, reaching the lakeside villages with the gospel, then backpacking to the mountain villages surrounding the lake. To get an idea of an EDTS visit (yes, it’s YWAM Montana, I’m kind of partial to them)

In order to do this we will need to acquire about 8 canoes, camping gear and bicycles for what I am trusting God for in our first class.

As always, I need your help.  Because I serve God and not a denomination, it’s difficult to raise support.  Denominational missionaries usually take a year long furlough or sabbatical every three years and spend it going from church to church, raising support.  Most are also required to have a substantial savings account and several thousands of dollars in monthly support.  I’m looking for 30 people, churches or groups that will commit to $25.00 a month.  Of course any gift, whether it’s a one time  $10.00 or $100.00+ is greatly appreciated.  At the present time I accept donations through givesendgo, which is a fundraising engine started by YWAMers, who charge nothing.  The only thing that comes out is the 3% required by law, for the finance company to transfer it to my account.  Donations can be made at

Whether God leads you to donate or not, please, keep myself, and the entire campus, in your prayers.  Pray for Spiritual breakthrough, for God’s heart and God’s ways to be the only one taught and lived here.  Pray for financial provisions; not just for me and the campus, but for everyone here, and everyone wanting to come here either to staff or for school.  That God would bring us the right staff and lead us to find them.  Pray for those around the world teaching and preaching truth.  Pray for those seeking God’s will and direction.

Thank You and God Bless.

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I will attempt to post updates more often so it doesn’t get so long.